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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
Thanks to this thread, I'm revising my answer to $0
OK, so $50 for the tire irons, $75 for the balancer (FM Mark Parnes), $30 for the harbor freight bead breaker (works perfectly) $7 for the rim protectors and $15 for a lifetime supply of tire lube. I think I'll be leaving the tub to someone in my will!

Did my first tire a few weeks ago. Now I just need to figure out how to better protect the finish on the wheels.
The rim protectors I bought didn't do squat... in fact, they didnt even want to stay in place.

Did one tire so far, have at least 5 tires to do this year... by the end of summer I'll be making money off the purchase.
The last time I changed my tires I used an empty oil jug. I cut the plastic into strips and put that between my spoon and the rim. They were a little slippery, what with the oil residue and everything, but they worked better than nothing. The normal rim protectors don't fit on my BMW tubeless spoked rim.
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