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A few points Tacoma, and everyone else.
1/ If you love your Tmax so much, why are you offering to sell it at all, at any price?
2/ Those $ prices you quote for the new machines are way too low, if the European prices are anything to go by.
The new Mk4 Tmax 530 costs the equivalent of $13,000+ in Europe. (10,300 without ABS, 10,800 with ABS)
3/ The new BMW maxis are even more expensive More like $15,000 and up for the High Line versions, but all have ABS as standard.
4/ I have now ridden all 3 machines: Tmax 530, BMW C600Sport + BMW C650GT.
5/ My 14 page write-up of the 530 Tmax can be read for free here: PDF page 27
6/ Pictures of both BMWs here:
PNB in London, UK
Piedevant, since you have ridden the TMAX 530 and both of the BMW's, which would you prefer and why?
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