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What a difference a day can make. Went back out yesterday for a good 4 hours and we're getting along much better now.

It's still a little jumpy on the climbs but I talked to the PO and found out it has the red spring in (and the preload nut flush). He's going to dig out the yellow and green for me, but he's betting based on his experience that I'll want to switch back to red within a month. I will say, when that thing hits, it hits hard. Right around 5m30s & 6m20s you can see me just getting into it a bit. I think half the technique is just "go fast".

Even with the red spring in, the very first climb yesterday went significantly better. It seems my brain rewired itself with my clutch hand. Combining that with a new MT43 on the rear, I'm feeling like I'll get the rest of the climbing dialed back in. It's also running 13/50 now so I have a couple teeth I could drop.

Once it started coming together it felt like magic. The bike is so friggin light you can pick all kinds of goofy lines. I started looking for little stuff to jump and even with a total lack of winter conditioning I didn't want to stop all day. I ended up looping everything (except Spruce) several times and coming down in the dark.

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