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Thanks for the ride Marsh Tiger! It was a great day for a ride, just wished the bike and I could shed 20-30% of our weights, Glad there was such a big turn-out.

Well, the camera mount I put together when the Bandit was naked was put back on Saturday night, but wish I had thought of removing the windshield. Since most of the videos taken were through the windshield, things are a bit blurry and there is a bug splat I must have picked up early on and never noticed. Always room for improvement.


This video shows the worst sections of clay I encountered that day. Not rough or terribly uneven, but super slick. First part at 0:32 and second at 1:20

The most scenic of the videos. Beautiful canopies.

I think was the most fun little section, that only Kalonji and I experienced. The group had taken a turn-off and we had to backtrack and search for clues. Luckily, Blk-betty left some for our tracking skills to hunt for.

One of my most common sights of the day: Fiend stoically standing up for long periods of time. I wish I knew we were coming up on a water crossing at the end of this video. I wouldn't have stopped it there, but I only missed 5-10 seconds of Marsh Tiger and Blk-betty enthusiastically storming this puddle.

The next 3 videos were shot as one. For some reason, my camera split it into 3 short clips, so I apologize. If I had a way, I would mesh these 3 and the previous into one.

This video is a showcase of Kalonji's off-roading prowess

And the second water crossing of the day. I wish I had gotten closer to get better shots. Oh well. StolenFant was the star of this video

I wish my motorcycles had real model names for when I get asked what I ride.
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