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Originally Posted by RandoCommando View Post
I used 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.
I used 23 gallons of water in the plastic tub to submerge the tank as best as possible.
Getting air out of the tank while it's upside down in the tub was a PITA, but I think I got it all out.
This tank will be stored as a back up tank in case I damage mine.
Either that, or I'll sell it.
I'm wondering if the screw holes will need to be re-tapped after this is done.

The holes looked pretty crusty. If a screw holds don't touch them. If not try a heli-coil. My original 87 klr was on it's third tank because the rear mount broke and it would leak gas. It had 16000 on it when I sold it. I brazed the mounting bracket and to my knowledge it never broke again. If I wanted to preserve my tank I would get a plastic one and save the original.
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