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Originally Posted by chromenomad View Post
Is there a pant that is similar to the Defender GTX but without the liners?

I want a skin-fitting pant, but I use my own thermal liner (heated) for the inside, and my own rain covers for the outside.

I don't want a full mesh summer pant, either. (I like the Defender's vented sections on the thighs that can be opened; that's perfect)

I had a Defender pant that I sold because it was too big, but I don't want to pay for another one in the right size, as I don't want to use the built-in thermal and rain liners and it seems silly to pay that amount for stuff that will just sit in the closet..

Hi Chromenomad,
There isn't a pant in the REV'IT! collection that is sold without liners, isn't waterproof, and has vents. The best suggestion is the REV'IT! Sand pant, which is significantly less expensive than the Defender GTX pant, but has a similar set up. Both liners can be removed if you prefer to only ride with the outer shell. The other option is something like the Klim Latitude pant, which is a Gore-Tex pant, but is well vented and does not have any interior liner to remove.
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