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Originally Posted by Aprilia View Post
Having spent many years taking on old bike projects, dealing with a rusty tank is pretty much the norm. I've used your method many times but about 10yrs ago I used a kit from POR15. Its their motorcycle tank repair kit. And unlike Kreem their product has lasted for many years after treatment. Key with any product like this is to follow the instructions EXACTLY. If it says roll the tank for 20 min it doesn't mean to take a 5 min break during...roll for 20 min.

You're tank in my opinion is in great shape. Personally, I'd still pick up the POR15 product. As for threads...yes, run a tap through it. For drying I tape a hair dryer to the inlet. The KLR tank has some deep recesses that take a while to dry out. Good luck!
Thanks Aprilia!
Yeah. The tank is in great shape compared to most, if not all of the rusty tanks I saw on YouTube videos.
Can I buy POR15 at a local store? Or is it something I have to order off the net?
I want to protect this tank for future use by me or someone else.
After all, aside from a few scratches, this tank is in great shape.
No dents or dings anywhere.
If it wasn't for the scratches, it would look new.
Even the paint is nice on it.

When I pull the tank out of the tub later, I'm going to see how the threads are for the petcock.
If they need to be tapped, I'll go buy a one size bigger tap, and new screws for it.
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