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I've been on base since 88. currently living out the end of my sentence at 409. Look for a 1000 Vstrom (with pelican bags)or a yellow Dr200.
lots of good trails in the area with a lot of variety. You can do a lot of sand riding on the base and a lot of muck. The quad riders do a lot of damage to the trails, hard to ride where they chew it up but without them the trails would grow over fast.
The base has an off road club supposed to be maintaining the trails and making bridges etc. but they dont do a lot other than talk, hope they get their shit together this year as the enviro's are trying to shut down trail riding on base as the quadders get into the water which is a violation of a Alberta waterways proteciton act. To ride on the base you are supposed to be a member of the club or be with a member but the MP's cant stop any civies as the "open base" policy allows them full access to the public portions. As long as you ride courteously they wont bother you although members of the club have been a little militant towards wrong doers.
Good places to ride are behind Martinau, lots of criss crossing trails, keep an eye out for kids, dogs and their walkers and of course other quads and bikes. Lots of loose sand (almost Fesh fesh) between beaver and the golf course, be very careful about the boundaries of the golf course. Most of the fenceline around it are not standing, the golf course higher ups have been one of the major whiners in trying to shut down OHV use on the base. If you live on the base you must be a member to ride there, the MP's do have jurasdiction to harass you. I am not a member, waiting for them to actually use some of the money they take in to do the things they promise. The old hierarchy was a bunch of old boys club sort that only invited certain members to the fun stuff (poker rallys etc) and everyone else to the work parties. A lot of money was spent in the last decade but nothing accomplished.
on a dry day I can get my Dr200 around the backside of the base, ride the iron horse trail out to the trestle and then follow along the river, lots of muskeg and outright swamp up there but it is pretty neat. If it is still wet you have to fight to get a quad around it.
Just behind the base (out the back gate) you will find the gravel pit with a lot of good trails just off its north side. the road, in very poor condition follows the river several miles until you run into some bad stuff you cant get through on a bike but there is tons of trails running off it.
From Beaver you can leave the base through the trails but the road running east/west just north of there is a favorite place for the town rent a cop to camp. Hassles the dirt bikes and quads, cant do anything to my street legal Dr.
Just north of the on base track is the OD saddle club. bunch of psycho horse people, dont get caught on their side of the fence and watch out if you run into any of these idiots on the trails, they figure they own the place and will do some viscous crap to lone quadders and bikers if they think they can get away with it.
My favorite place to ride is in the cadet survival training area. stay away from the camp buildings and watch for the cadets during summer training season. They set up a central camp in a large open area so just ride nice when you see them and they don't mind. They do build sand bag bunkers on some of the trails as check points so watch out for them, usually easy to see but they do leave shallow trenches behind them.
The town track is really nice. professionally built and fairly cheap to ride on. The town does not like OHV's running out to the track and the rent a cops will jump you if they get half a chance. RCMP wont even blink unless you are riding like an idiot. Lots of nice trails in that area but they involve trespassing.
Lots of trails north, of 55 west of town. you can run trails from the primrose highway and end up north of Marie lake and not see a real road. If you get a chance head up the May lake Trail (hardcore 4x4 trail) on the may 24 weekend and watch the drunken mayhem. lots of mechanized stupidity going on. Rivals anything in the jackass movies.
Cold Lake is a great place to own a dual purpose bike, we have 2 paved roads in and a million trails and gravel roads. If you are riding the trails in the area get something light, the amount of muskeg and swamps you will have to skirt around will boggle the mind
On a sad note we already lost a rider in the area on friday. 20 years old, hit a parked flatbed truck.
Take care out there and hope to see all you this year.
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