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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Just returned from an ADV get together that was out of cell range

The condensation is not normal. I recommend removing the sticker, remove the bezel (using a strap wrench) and inspect the orings in the light. Use some petroleum jelly to lube the orings, reinstall using the strap wrenchs. The condensation can be from a loose bezel, damaged or dried out oring etc.

Thanks for the response. Looks like I need to add a strap wrench to my toolkit. Just wanted to make sure there wouldn't be future warranty-related issues if I removed the sticker since those are usually put in place to prevent customers from tampering.

Also, interesting with the double o-rings. I was always under the impression that there should only be one mated to two surfaces, never to each other.
When was the last time you checked your tire pressures?
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