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Aqua Tech case for iPhone 4 and 4S

I thought I would share a new waterproof, solar charging, ruggedized case that I found for iPhone. First I am not in anyway affiliated with the below named company. I'm just a consumer. I don't work for these people or for any marketing company. In fact I'm old retired guy.

Since I use my phone for a back up GPS using Motion X GPS and Tom Tom and also I decided that my Otterbox Defender was too much of a liability when it came to water protection on the road or when geocaching.

I searched a lot on the web for cases that would fir my needs and I recently found this GEM on "Kickstarter". It is kinda pricey I know, but without phone insurance on my iPhone I felt a $100 case may be a viable option.

So, I bit and pre-ordered one of these cases so I can get one of the first off the production line. I'm hoping that it will solve three problems for me.

First, I frequently take my phone out of it's case for the purpose of an evening out without carrying a bulky protective case. The Otterbox outer skin rips easily. To date I have had three warranty Otterbox skin replacements resultant of putting it in and removing it from my pockets. The skin does not slide easily against fabric and rips (or I'm too fat and the phone won't fit in easily). This case allows one to slide the phone in and out from the top of the case with ease without removing a silicone skin.

Next problem I hope to solve is making the phone waterproof. I looked at several different cases and narrowed it to the Tank Protector, Otterbox Defender and the Aqua Tek. Aqua Tek won out for me.

Then the final issue for me is battery life. Anyone that owns a smartphone is always a concerned with battery life. This case has a built in battery along with an on board solar charger to aid in keeping the batteries up.

Since I geocache with my phone these two features combined will give me the extended battery life I need when I am using gps and draining my battery.

When I get this thing I will post up and give my first impressions. I hope they are good ones.
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