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Originally Posted by roarin calhoun View Post
Durn Dolara,I'm seriously going to look at that gun. We do bike a lot in grizzly country. And you can't always control how close a bear gets to you,but if it does, a bayonet'd be better than a scope .Probably not by much. Wonder which tastes better to the bear? Condiments?

"Condiments?" Now *THAT'S** funny!!!

The .45-70 should be sufficient, and it's cheaper, too, with more readily available ammunition and bullet choices. After all, there's good reason why the .45-70 cartridge was one of the most popular in bear country for decades. It's got about as good a chance to knock one down as anything.

And if I were to get one of those rifles I'd skip the scope, too. Less weight. Less to damage. And not near as quick as iron sights, not to mention scopes are near useless in the dark.

BTW, used Alaskan Co-Pilot rifles do show up occasionally on used gun web and auction sites.

Originally Posted by pluric View Post
Let me know how the border crossing works out on that.

That brings up an interesting point...

I have several friends that go hunting in Canada fairly frequently, and they always take their own rifles - and handguns - and they have both flown and drove depending on the trip. I can't ever recall them mentioning any problems getting them into, or out of, Canada.

Have to ask them about that.

Does anybody know the law about taking guns into Canada?

OTOH, if you had one these Alaskan Co-Pilot's, in its case, packed down in the bottom of your Jesse bags, would the border guys ever find it? Have Canadian or US customs ever had any of you guys empty your side cases, etc. when riding your bike across the border?

And I am asking that question seriously.




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