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I'm willing to abide with the "greatest regular-season QB ever" moniker, especially pre-injury.
Even so, his contract is for nearly 20% of a team's available cap. Worst case, for the donks, would be for him to pass NEXT year's physical, at which point he then get's another 40 mil guaranteed. If he get's hurt after that, that would be what, nearly a third of Denver's cap tied up in a non-player?

I'm not sure ANY level of talent is worth that level of risk.
The new TV contracts are for next year's salary cap so it will take a huge jump. Peyton's contract will become progressively less percentage of the cap each year.

Also, Manning is getting $18M next year and the salary cap is 120.6. So he is 15% and Denver has plenty to spare this season. The big reason for geting Peyton is ticket sales. Peyton is worth a ton of season tickets at inflated prices. NFL = $$$, first, second, last and everything in between.

As I understand the contract, Peyton has 1 year guaranteed and if he passes a physical before the start of each season, that season is guaranteed. Also, no signing bonus. That is a pretty darn good contract for the Broncos.
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