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Noob needs handlebars for F650GS Dakar

Hi smart people,

Noob sucky offroad rider has heavy 2005 650GS Dakar (with stock heated grips) to bang up. Already banged it up -- rode it hard, stretched the chain quickly and didn't notice, a takeoff in a curve caused the loose chain to blow off and I lowsided from the jolt and slightly bent the cheap stock handlebar, as well as scraped up the weak plastic handguard. That being said, I feel better now that the newish bike has been on its side (well, kinda new...I put 10k miles on her so far).

I'm ready to bang her up offroad some more. Wanna get a tough handlebar and tough handguards first. Not yet sure if I want risers, as the Dakar handlebar height is comparatively high already (compared to the low stock handlebars on my 1200GS, where I added the monster Verholen risers to get a better height) so I can determine that later. I don't know squat about offroad handlebars and handguards, so I'm asking for a basic opinion on what to get.

My girlfriend rides the Dakar mostly on the street, and, I am venturing more offroad with it, light stuff so far, but I want to do more (I know, I know, "get a real dirt bike then"...). I don't need some super pro handlebar setup or anything, just something basic and solid to handle my numerous offroad getoffs without getting all bent out of shape about it. :ymca

And also being a mechanical noob, regarding installation, is swapping out the bar as straightforward as it seems -- just taking off the bar stuff (technical term) and putting it on the new bars? Heated grips and all?

THANKS............................................ .........
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