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Originally Posted by apessino View Post
The "rumor" came from the fact that MOTUS repeatedly stated that the pricing would be "competitive with similar offerings from Ducati and BMW," hence the speculation that low to mid $20K would be reasonable to expect (and even generous, given the price of the Multistrada).
A mid-20 MSRP would be (relatively) resonable, if somewhat of a leap for a new and untested manufacturer.

$30 crosses a line where Panigale tri starts looking better and better, and its a MUCH safer bet that I will be able to be gouged for parts 7 years down the road....vice having to have things fabricated.

Its just too much. For any bike really, but particularly a company with no history.
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Show folks something with a clutch and carburetor, and it's like teaching a baboon to use a Macbook.
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