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I was able to check out the Motus in the flesh a few weeks ago in Indy. They were showing it off at a local BMW/Triumph/Victory/Polaris shop which I think is now on the Motus dealer list. The bike itself is pretty neat and I wish them the best, but I can't see the value in it compared to less expensive, better spec'd bikes. I wanted it to have all the [what's becoming] standard tech on bikes these days such as ABS, Traction Control, etc. The biggest thing they keep pushing is 'Merica and the engine, but that's just not going to sell in this segment I'm afraid. Also at 6'+ the thing sat super low, like original naked SV650 low; I think even with a taller seat, it'll be cramped for those of long limb.

I did get a crappy iPhone video of it running though...
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