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Originally Posted by apessino View Post
Sure, but a Ducati Multistrada 1200 is 480 lbs. wet and with a full tank, ABS, traction control, electronic suspension - it handles like a superbike and goes like a bat out of hell.

You can get a loaded S, put a full system on it (save another 15lbs or so and get a sound that will give you permaboner), have ever more top spec components than the MTS R (not to mention much higher tech all around) and still spend $15k less...
The specs I read has the Multistrada at the same wet weight as the motus. The bikes do offer similar features (longer range, good seat height, etc) and it is the only viable option for a decent Motus comparison as long as you ignore valve adjustments and typically high maint. cost. Since Motus will be selling at similar dealers I would suspect similar labor costs, but less required maint. Parts cost are still an unknown at this point. At this price level it is somewhat of a moot point.

Nothing else comes close.
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