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after all this, I think if they offered a stripped down naked bike with decent but not statospheric spec for less, that it would be a little more likely to get traction in the market from all the tinkerers that just love the idea of the bike.

a naked hooligan styled bike is not synonymous with high tech offerings so lack of traction control isn't that much of a market loss. It would also be similar to other high end custom bikes that also do not have high tech as a major selling point.

After all this I still say they will make it. Stuff cost what it costs and I am sure they can't lose money on every motorcycle they sell to garner a segment of the market like Honda or some other big company might be able to do (I heard they did that back in the day with the rc51, but that's an urban myth.) They have to make their investors happy, and they think they can at this price point. They don't want to go under either.

if I remember, Ducati's used to be priced way above the competition back in the 80's and 90's, but my memory could be faded. And their product was to my young eyes inferior because it didn't have the highest hp or quickest 1/4 mile. How dumb I was to think that highest this and fastest that was the marker of a great bike....idiot young me. Anyway now they are almost competitively priced but it works because of the brand and quality they offer.

Give em a chance, it's their necks that are on the line and they have to decide what they think is best with their risky start-up. Start-ups most often fail: and it's especially hard to get a us based manufacturing company off the ground. This price point shows one of the reasons why it's hard.
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