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Originally Posted by EJ_92606 View Post did you have it Fedx'd to your house straight from the factory?
LOL. Nah. I originally went into the dealer to get a red one ordered. When I found out how long of a wait I had, he started looking and found a 2011 leftover in white that he would knock $1k off of or the 2012 in white that they had on the way for store stock.
They also had a Pikes Peak on the way but my financial adviser (i.e. wife) didn't get the difference in price and said the bags added more and cost less anyway. So , I gave them a deposit for the white 2012.

It's actually fully prepped and ready to go so I am going to leave work around 3pm central time today to go pick it up. Rain? It's gonna get wet eventually anyway.
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