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Originally Posted by Throttle-jockey View Post
The flickering happens when they are dimmed, kind of like a pulsing. It doesn't happen if they are almost full power. More on the left side which has longer wires going to it. (farther away from the dimmer)
Are you looking at the lights with an unaided eye? Typically any strobing or pulsing is not detecteable by the eye, however if you video the lights while dim, the strobing will show up.

Originally Posted by Throttle-jockey View Post
Also is it normal to not be able to get full power using the dimmer unless you hit high beam?
No, the dimmer should put out the same power as HBB. But is it really relevant since the idea of the dimmer is to do just that.

If you are unhappy with the dimmer, I will replace it, LMK

Originally Posted by bandera View Post
My next step is to take the advice of an inmate and completely isolate them from the bike.
That should work.

Originally Posted by viz View Post
I have flickering too with the dimmmer on its lowest setting. This is especially apparent immediately after start-up - I am thinking low voltage
Just above off, the lights will flicker beacuase there is not enough current to drive them, you'd need an oscope to measure how little power is being supplied. The lights are not useful in this mode so turn em up and let others know you are there.
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