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New guy from WDSM...

Howdy all. Ryan from WDSM.
Been riding since I traded off an RC car for a KDX80 at age 11. Now at 36, I am that 11yo all over again. Picked up my shiny new 2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200S touring yesterday from Motosports.
My last ride, a 2000 Ducati Monster 900i.e. has moved on to my friend. I miss it horribly but the Multistrada helped me start to forget her on the ride home last night.

Out with the old...

And in with the new...

I have had several bikes over the years. Dirtbikes, sportbikes, a couple of cruisers that lasted only long enough to wash them and sell them again...and pretty much everything in between. I currently have a DR350 that is solely for dirt use.
After putting in 520 miles in on one August Saturday last year in SW Colorado on the Monster, my knees were screaming for relief. I decided that it was time to start shopping for a new ride. One that was going to be more distance friendly.
After struggling all spring to track down a red MS, I finally relented and decided to put a deposit down on the white one Motosports had on the way (The wife wouldn't let me do the Pikes Peak model they had on the way citing too much more while getting "less" in her eyes).

Anyway, I plan on riding her until the wheels fall off. Then I will just put on a new set of wheels and start the process over again.
I have to say that first impressions on the Multi (and in no way related to me being a Ducati junkie): This Ducati pisses rainbows and shits unicorns!
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