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Originally Posted by Biebs View Post

Thanks for the respones and info.

MotoJ - your information is great I have to be on a budget build and if I can get into it for $2k I will be good.

NitroMax - your pictures of the subframe are great gives me exactly what I need

Is there a Sidecar specific Flea -Market or is it the general Flea Market??

"In the Hacks Fleamarket section there was a sub-frame for sale- you'll need one of those. $400 was a good deal for that, BTW. They come up on the IBMWRA site too sometimes. Inmate BMWEuro (Chris) knows a source in Europe- I got my subframe from him. Perry's Sidecars in Texas has a setup for airheads, so does DMC."

Looking for this used subframe.

Also to Jay DMC I see you guys have subframes new - Thanks for your post and I see you support / input on a lot of these threads.

Thanks to All - I am just getting started -

Dnepr car looks like a great setup. More research!!!
Hi Biebs,

That subframe sold quick. I was just using that as an illustration. But they do come up if you keep your eyes peeled. Look for the Sticky up top of the Hacks Forum page, and keep perusing the other sites I mentioned.

If you wanted to fab your own, you can buy just the ball mounts from Blue Moon Cycle or from Oldtimers Garage in Poland. Blue Moon sells Steib ones and OldTimer cuts them right off a salvage Dnepr frame. Then you would have to weld up your own subframe. I like the ball and jaw Dnepr type mounts because it's really easy to get the car dismounted without fooling with clevises. They're not as adjustable though.

You'll need the struts too, if they don't come with the car. You can find those on EBay no problem.

This subframe that NitroMax posted is the ideal type if you want to keep the ball and jaw mounts on a Dnepr or earlier Ural car:

Feel free top PM me if you want. I have loads of pics from my own build. The ones in my thread are only the tip of the iceberg.
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