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Originally Posted by Tubulchain View Post
Is this bike well sorted at low rpm's from the factory these days? Looking at the forums and it seems like some people have done ecu work but then also that Ducati has made adjustments. Gonna put a serious dent in the buying experience if I end up spending 20k to then find I have to put additional money into tuning just to have it run right at regular street rpm's.

Some people love to do ecu work and are trying to get more of something out of it and that is great. I just want a smooth engine (for a twin). Will I get that out of the box?
I guess it depends on what you mean by "regular street rpms".
Mine runs just fine at 3k and is barely passable at 2-2.5K. To be honest though, it is hard to run around at 3k. The bike just begs to be run fast. If you are looking for something that likes to chug along at 1.5k the Multi isn't the right bike.
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