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Springtime in Alaska

This was Tuesday of this week, second day of spring. and I was getting a new sidecar delivered from DMC

I'm going to have to lose a lot of snow before I'm going to be able to get them together

But at least I be able to get in shape for the new riding season by doing a lot of shoveling.

A couple of hours later I unpack enough to really see my new purchase

In December I started a thread, asking if there were any Alaskan Hacks. Because I was really curious about getting a sidecar, and I've never really seen that many up here.

I started reading volumes of R&R's and different threads trying to make my mind up.

I already had a 1200GS and thought just buy the sidecar Ha Ha

I was following a thread with ClearwaterBMW, sent him a PM with my phone# and I was amazed that he called me back within a couple of hours

I then called another friend of mine that lives up here in Alaska and has a GS and a hacked KLR and goes by the screen name Hobo, to see what his thoughts were about hacking a GS

Jay with DMC answered on the thread I started and said that they were sending a 72D up here in a week

I talked with Jason the guy with the 72D, And I was pretty much sold

Next problem was selling my better half. And that went a lot easier then I thought

I bought a snowmachine once that would ride two people, the day I took possession of it I found that I had to buy a second one for my wife because she didn't like riding 2up.

But she does like the idea of a sidecar

So here I am with 3' of snow and waiting

'09 R1200 GS with a DMC M72DX Sidecar


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