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Bully's rebuilt ride

I bought this ride back in December 2011, after a bit of cyber searching I picked up a 92 BMW r100 GS PD with a side car in Adelaide ( 2700 kms from home ) . I asked 3 LEGS ( never met him ) to check out the ride and give a verdict. His reply was to go ahead, made an offer to the seller and the ride was mine.

I grabbed a 1 way ticket to Adelaide and was off, having never ridden a sidecar, an adventure was certain.

my wife has a bit if arthritis in her hips ( operation done) and this year (2012) has had a knee replacement done, so asking her to climb up as pillion is a hard task, hence the need for a rig !!!

here is the bike as purchased, complete with 3legs consideration

the ride home has been documented elsewhere

So since having the GSPD I've had the front end re- configured by changing the sinle sided disc

to a twin disc with new Brembo calipers to stop the beast

also included in the mods were a new master cylinder off a K1100 and braided brake lines.

I had previously contacted a fabricator used my Eaglebeak and used him to make my new body. Barry used ali to fabricate the shell, I can only say that he is an artisan and a perfectionist . At all times during the build I was kept informed of progess and regular meetings took place.

Once Barry had a shell to work with we placed it on the chassis

a couple of weeks later and Barry declare dthat the tub was ready for fitting.

Now let me backpeddle a bit, this rig was built back in 09 in South Australia by Leigh Hollamby ( leighSA on ADV ), I'm a new comer to sidecars, but this rig handles so well that a newby like me had no difficulty riding it. the workmanship in the chassis building and attachment to the bike is second to none, the leading link is an absolute work of art.

the new brakes have intergrated with Leigh's LLs very well

After all the mods I was ready for Barry to fit the tub, I stripped off the pod that was fitted, repainted the chassis and fitted some rubber to the mounting points ready to fit up the tub. The big day arrived and I rode the PD with the chassis out to Barry's, about 25kms, what an exercise, after being used to a bit of weight on the chair for all the time, with no weight i couldn't keep the wheelcshair on the black stuff. Lot's of fun !!!

bring on the tub.

Placed on the chassis

note the screen brackets, Madstad brackets for a 650 V-Strom, fully adjustable ( Waspworks were out of stock ). Means that the screen is fully adjustable.

before we could bolt the tub down we had to fit the water containers

then bolted it dow and turned our attentiom to the screen, as luck would have it I had an old screen in my shed from my K1200 LT, which when turned upside down matched the curveof the tub body, pure arse, but what the.

Trimmed it to length and screwed it in place.

The passenger foot plate was next with a few cross brace welded into place a tread plate was made up

I'm sure that ther will be some other photo's emerge over the next few weeks, ther were many others taken after we had completed the seats, some with my sons in the chair and some of Guzzimike and Steve having a play,..

Still got the decals to go and the cover to have made, so watch this space.

special thanks to, in no particular order................3Legs
Barry Faulds
Vince WA
Alex and Nick ( my 2 sons)

but most of all my loving wife, for sharing the journey.

more to come
'02 GSX 1400 outfit........lot's of grin factor
'11 Husky TE 630.......tyre shredder
'06 HUSKY TE610 x 2............ for the boys
'92 R100GSPD ( modified)...........slow and easy

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