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Originally Posted by Surlyguy
I have the touratech magura bar kit and the touratech guards.
The bars are great, highly recommended.
Here is a link to comments I made on the F650 site.

The acerbis plastic guards are not exactly protective. My stock bmw plastic thingys lasted 3 yeas of abuse including bending the stock bars. The acerbis/touratech guards I ordered were a disappointment. I assumed that they were custom designed to fit my bike which is why they cost more. Nope, the cost more because TT had TT stenciled on the front AND they fit poorly. I also had to buy the fat bar adaptor for another $50 on top of the $200 for the guards.

All this would be forgivin if they worked. Trip one. Bike falls over very slowly as I am attempting to keep it vertical on a gravel road. Snap, one broken guard. Hmm, me thinks these are going back. The likely hood of protecting me in a fall is zero. I stopped at a local shop and they said "o yeah, those are only for looks..." great..

I will go to a regular old bike shop and get the acerbis metal ones for half the price of ordering them through TT.
Just the insight I was looking for, much obliged. So, it looks like the TT bar kit is not only the only choice but a good choice (phew), but the TT handguards don't really fit and suck anyway, and I should buy metal ones and just get creative on mounting...
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