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Wanna really make it run sweet?

Since you're installing new barrels & pistons... tighten up the squish band (google that).

In the olden days guys would use uber-thick base gaskets to lower compression and stop any pinging.

The real deal is to get what little squish Guzzi offers to a little < 1mm like .7
This increases turbulence in the combustion chamber and really helps stop pinging(detonation).

On the two 948cc Guzzis i built V7 Sport base gaskets were used and they brought the pistons to 1.2mm squish.

email Moto International about this. Dave Richardson is the Guzzi man.

Another sweetener... In an unseen as possible place, install 1/4" hose fittings in the intake manifolds.
Remove any bit that protrudes into the intake tract.
Use a 1/4" neoprene hose between them. Balances the intake at very low speeds & idle.

The carbs still need to be in balance without this hose inplace. So balance them then install the hose..
simple and these fittings can be used for vacuum balancing... clear?

DeOxit Gold? Yes. A tiny drop on a tooth pick is all it takes.
Google reviews of it.

I worked a number of years around deep sea salt water(oil platforms) and nothing works like Nuts-Off.
Believe me the oil patch tries everything. If you ever see it.
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