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I found it interesting how different breweries dispersed H20, very interesting indeed, from a small town girl. Right from the wall you could get it.

After the boys consumed the flights. We found ourselves on the hunt for a restaurant back in Asheville. I hadn't eaten since my DQ earlier that day at noon and by 9:00pm we finally found this place. The van they used for catering was such;

So....... at this place they served lots of weinerschnzietels (?) As well as; bison, elk and a few other exotic meats. Which all sounded sooooo good to my growling tummy. Realistically though, it was out of our budget. I would definitely go back, with plans to have a great meal, but when I can afford it.

We headed back to downtown and I was a happy camper when I got my Old Fashioned

Here's the Hawk all snuggled and warm for the night. I parked Dan's car right in front of it, maybe I'm just a tad paranoid. There was a Suzuki 1200 or 1000 parked there too at the same hotel I was at, but never saw the rider.

The next day after while the ladies, I mean boys, were taking a morning nap I had to get out and ride a bit. I didn't ride far but enough to know that my bike would start after I left the gas valve on all night :(

It was pretty in the Biltmore Village

and when I saw the Aveda place, oooo la la, I totally went in and spent an insane amount of money in there. I got my Rosemary Mint Shampoo, Rosemary Mint Lotion, Eyeliner and pretty smelly girl things

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