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Finally some cool backroads

Just curious what are you shooting pics with?
I shot film on a Canon AE-1 for the last 10 years and was very stubborn. Before the trip I bought my first digital, a Fuji X-10 and its the perfect travel camera. Its got a metal body and manual zoom and although the sensor is not all that big the quality is impressive.

I found some really cool coastal roads near San Blas, Mexico and I really started to love the adventure

I was reading about this in the newspaper over morning coffee and then I ran across it that day! Crazy

Dudes got jumped by some bandidos and they crashed, all of his bananas were on fire, heres what was left of the truck.

Sayulita for the night with a Spanish couple from Eduardo and Ariadna

Actually Manzanillo was pretty cool too. I stayed with Airhead Wrangler (Spencer) and his girlfriend Mary and they convinced me to stay two nights and check out the town. Thanks guys!

Bulls balls and cow intestines anybody? Hows this for good picture quality? check out the veins on those bad boys. My motto is "I will try anything twice" but thats not true, I draw the line at testicles. Those dont belong in my mouth.

The butchers

This guy was cool, he uses a tiny hand saw to make custom designs on keys, only takes him 5 minutes per key.

Narco Cinema, there are literally hundreds of these low budget ultra violent flicks.

Hammock on the top of a hill, overlooking the city.

Panorama in a Juice bar

Panorama of a big ugly power plant that belches clouds of smoke all day every day

I love mexican slug bugs, vochitos

Damn the Mexican coast is big! I am in Zipolite at the moment, a little behind my updates, getting over a parasite that I picked up in Bellingham before Ieft, go figure. Mexico is costing me a lot more money than I expected with the crappy gas and cuotas, as much as I try to avoid them but my only guide is a crappy old map. Looking forward to Guatemala. Ive decided to take after BigAlSmith and throw a donation button, never expected but always appreciated. Last year my employer in Bellingham ran away, filed bankruptcy and my last three checks bounced, so I have $1800 less for this trip than I thought.

I have some savings though, its not an adventure if you dont have at least one variable out of control!

I like this one too "Adventure is misfortune recounted as leisure" -Somebody


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 Amount     Couple-o-Beers $5.00 USD     Good Food! $10.00 USD     Cozy Bed $15.00 USD     Tank of Gas $20.00 USD     Darien Gap Crossing (Sketchy) $50.00 USD     Jungle Trek in Colombia $100.00 USD     River Ferry on the Amazon $200.00 USD     Darien Gap (Safe) $500.00 USD   

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