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Sanjoh - having used these lights for a while now - a couple of observations:

Lights are bright - seriously bright. If you are on a narrow road with lots of growth on the side you get a lot of reflection back which makes the centre of the road a bit dark - the upside is though you can see the sides a lot more and the suicide 'roos and wombats a lot earlier (in Oz - yes we have deer and buffalo and beef here too, but they seem to have more sense)

What I need is a spot that is longer ranged and more focussed than the 30's that are currently on offer, to fill up that black hole in the centre. The 10's were useless in my setup - drowned out by the more powerful wides.

How about 60 spots - and true spots that are focussed some distance from the source, without light scatter to the sides?

Great lights - I am always getting people asking me about them. A little more refining and they will be truly great

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