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Originally Posted by duffs View Post
Leslie/soph9 had kindly recommended this side stand foot to me. As others have mentioned previous, it is, at first glance, rather over-engineered for what some might consider an unglamourous part, but in practice this engineering is what allows it to go about its business exactly as it should, without calling attention to itself.

It is certainly a beautifully machined and precisely finished product (mine is the black anodised version) and very reasonably priced. As well, it came from Vancouver to London (UK) in about 5 days. That included the nosy UK customs taking the time to have a look (MOD is, after all, the acronym for the Ministry of Defence over here).

Shipping was only about a fiver in $CAD (or about 3). This is notable because many businesses charge through the nose for overseas shipping and then send the product on the slow boat, taking weeks and weeks. And why it's important to support entrepreneurs where possible instead of the institutions.

Dave would do well to mention his excellent international shipping rates on his website and I'm certain the orders will continue to fly in!

A couple obligatory photos in sterile under-building car park, I will add a dirtied up photo during my travels to northern Holland to visit my mad relatives at the end of May

Thanks duffs!!

So glad to hear you like it!

Hope you enjoy your machine thoroughly and I'd love to see some pics in interesting places!

Yes shipping for the SSF' this point it's:

Canada $2.25
USA $3.50 CAD
Anywhere else in the world $5.50 CAD

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