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Update: What Going on with the Oil Cooler Kits

Greetings BRP Fans,
I have not forgotten you guys and gals.
I am still making the kits. Sometimes I run out of parts, but I get the kits together as soon as I can.
I have been working on a new system just for the XR600.
I have two promised out for testing.
The problem was the location of the XR600 motor mount. It did not align with the aluminum strap that bolted to the motor mount on the XR650L. One longer spacer and bolt is also required where the mount bolts to the side cover... I think. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

I still have not got my hands on a XR600 yet. Anybody in the Phoenix area with a XR600 willing??? You will get a GREAT deal on an oil cooler system.
I have been getting my information from people making the XR650L kits work on the XR600.
The parts should be in my hands tomorrow and a day to bend and finish them.

This new set-up should also work for the XR650L. I will bolt one on my bike and get photos asap.
I would like to know what you people think when you see it.

I still have a few of original the XR650L kits in stock, ready to ship. Depending on the input from you guys, I might be changing the design.

Please stay tuned.

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