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Originally Posted by robbz View Post
For out of city riding a bigger bike would be better-lots of r1's, gsxrs, busas, harleys, wings... when I was there.
Why they aren't allowed on highways? : a 125cc tops out at 135km/h on flat ground in full tuck-traffic runs 120-140km/h. At speed you can't tell how big a bike is, so it's easier to just ban them all-at least that was my take on it.
I was kinda' taken aback by how many natives I saw riding the bigger bikes. I would have thought it would be mostly expats.

As for the highway restriction, they could (and should) just do like here in the US and set a minimum speed capability. But their concern supposedly is that motorcyclists will go on the highways and kill themselves by the thousands.

I wonder if the Korean government is scared just because all the speed cameras are backward -facing and wouldn't be able to capture motorcycles' plates!

I emailed the Korea Tourism Organization about this issue last year - lemme see if I can find their response...


As you understand, it is not allowed that pedestrian or motor vechicles on the highway according to the Road Traffic Act(Article 63, see as follows) for some safety reasons.
도로교통법 제 63조
자동차(이륜자동차는 긴급자동차만 해당한다) 외의 차마의 운전자 또는 보행자는 고속도로 등을 통행하거나 횡단하여서는 아니 된다.
Article 63(Prohibition on Traffic, etc.)
A rider of any horse except motor vechcles(two-wheeled vechicles are limited to emergency motor vechicles) or any pedestrian shall be prohibited from his/her
horse or wallking any expressway or crossing any expressway.
From some websearch, I found that Korea's Constitutional Court ruled the article 63 is constitutional on July 31, 2008( case number is 2007헌바133)
Therefore, I do not know but I do not think this policy could be changed in very near future.
Please refer to some news articles related to the issue(in Korean)


Feel free to run those links through for fractured but understandable English.

The KTO by the way are very interested in making Korea tourist-friendly so don't hesitate to employ them as a resource if you have ideas or need something. And feel free to pester them about the motorcycle thing. We should never give up hope.

Also, slightly off-topic but if you're sick of being treated like a n***** by the taxicab drivers, the KTO states:

"In Seoul, you can just dial 120. From other parts of Korea, you can contact us [KTO] again. When you send your complaint, please be sure to include following details;
date, time, taxi license number(7digit), name of the place(area) you got on(off)
We will forward it to the local city government concerned so they can undergo investigation of the circumstance and take possible legal action against the driver."
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