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Originally Posted by McCardigan View Post
G/day all

Here are a couple of photo's of my mate DJ a Jack Russell, possibly one of the most travelled dogs in a sidecar in Oz.
we got him as a 6 week old puppy back in June 1990, attended his first rally 2 weeks later, a 2500km round trip.

This is at the famous Wombat pub in NSW, on the way to or back from a rally, I can't remember.

Outback Oz, on the Darling river at Tilpa.

At the WA/SA border with Sally my wife.

In September 2006, he passed away at one of his favourite rally's, the Dargo High Plains rally in the high country of Victoria, (he had attended 14 Dargo rally's).

So I thought it only appropiate to bury him there.

with a view to die for

Thanks for sharing your pup pics and all.

On the program Dogs 101 yesterday, they did a show about Jack Russells and mentioned a very interesting and true story about one. Seems there is this veteran who had a Jack Russell who passed away. The fellow was in a state of depression and just didn't love anything or anyone for quite a while after that. Well, one day when he was at the park he saw some white speck come running to him. It was a Jack Russell that was aparently abandoned by it's owner. The Vet took it to the pound and waited a few weeks to see if anyone claimed the dog. No one did, so he took it home and developed a loving relationship with the dog. Immediately, he snapped out of his depression and life was again good.

When walking his new dog at a local VA cemetary one day, the dog suddenly started pulling very hard on his leash. In fact, so hard that the owner had to let him pull him to where he wanted to go. The dog ran to a covered up headstone and began nudging all the leaves and twigs off the headstone. To the owner's amazement, the name on the headstone was Jack Russell. They actually showed this on the television show, too. It was really fun to watch and learn about the breed, as I have a wire hair Jack Russell, naned Dusty, who is a rescue dog. She is the perfect hack pooch pal for my Bichon, Murphy. I am very blessed to have them both as riding partners.
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