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Originally Posted by not2fast View Post
I have to ask....why would you do it? A car tire is meant to have the tread in full contact with the road surface. A motorcycle tire is contoured (rounded) for a reason. It can grip when the bike is leaning into a turn. Car tires and not designed to be run on the sidewall and will attempt to cancel the lean angle. This should be obvious if you ever ran your rear tire down to where it has no center tread left.

If you have a trike or sidecar then the car tire might work, otherwise the lack of safety using the car tire would be too risky for me.

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Why? Why not? Because the peanut galley says the atmosphere will catch fire, kittens maimed and nuns will die????

Seriously though,,,,, I did it for a specific reason, that being I was gonna go on a long ass trip {15-20K miles} and there isn't a single bike tire out there that will reliably do that sorta mieage. I normally bring a spare as I have had to replace a tire and been caught out one too many times due to tire availability or getting screwed price wise. This time, the trip was to be two up and I didn't have room for a spare. I put it on thinking I would absolutely hate it but would basically just live with it for the trip so I wouldn't have to buy a tire along the way.

Much to my surprise, it isn't too bad once you find the right pressure to run which fore me is around 20psi. It actually has alot of traction,,,, yes, even when heeled over as the tire distorts and it probably has more rubber on the road than a 150 sized "proper" motorcycle tire. Would I mount a car tire on the rear of a Gixxer and go play Ricky Racer up in the mountains? Nope and I will also admit I don't like it much in rough, rocky and rutted dirt roads either. But for long trips or mundane commuting,,,,, I will state right now, it's a damned good compromise. You wouldn't throw a Pilot Power on the back of your adv tourer and expect it to last a 10K mile trip nor would run mount a TKC to the front of your Gixxer and do a trackday. All tires are a compromise and this may well be the best compromise for commuting and touring. I can move along pretty well on my turd of a DL650 with the car tire on back and I can push hard enough that I worry about pushing the front 705 so tell me why I need a bike tire for the rear unless I'm hitting the dirt and I'll tell you right now, I have no visions of pacing Valentino and the Wee Turd is no Gixxer.

And to answer another poster,,,,, the gas stop banter can get quite lively due to opinionated, know nothing, scared to experiment, know it all peanut galley experts.
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