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We had a guy show up for a ride with one of those things on the back of his FJR. We warned him of the sporty pace but he insisted he'd be OK. He made it up to Lost Lake in one piece, though his Bank Angle Sensors got jacked up a bit. He finally took it out into the weeds (or in this case saplings) on the way back out. The big sled was wedged, well, more like nestled, between two young firs with the the pilot still in place. A few of the fellows helped to push him out of there, with the bike only slightly worse for wear. Somewhat chastened, the Darksider headed back for town (via the Freeway no doubt) the minute we hit a road he was familiar with.
Moral of the story? Just because you could, doesn't mean you should. Spend your money on good tires and good times, then at least when you bin it it won't be so blatantly apparent that you were asking for it.
Sounds like the chap was just a big fookin poosey. He should be dirt trackin that thang around the corners.
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