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No different than if you ride with either your child or spouse. There's that added level of responsibility when riding two-up regardless of who or what the pillion is.
This is the best point about carrying a dog. I would not think twice about a pillion rider, only be careful of their comfort and safety. A pillion would be just as vulnerable as a dog, aprt from a dog is usually harnessed in to a tank bag and so would not be thrown clear in an accident.
I take my dog in a box on the rear carrier of my bicycle, have done for years and many happy miles, but she's not tethered to the box or bike. On a forest track, going fast she was thrown out when I went over a bump and landed on all fours, luckily. Another time when she was on heat she leapt out to meet another dog passing by.
I am preparing to take her now on a BMW R65 and have a rucksack which is wide enough to house her between my legs, resting on the tank. I'm thinking a large tank bag will be more suited because I can put her into it before I get on. It would then be a hassle at the petrol station.
'Loba' is a cairn terrier, rescued from the Canary Islands and sailed alone with me back to Britain (apart from having to enter Britain by public transport, that's the law), we've done thousands of miles together. She would much prefer biking to sailing because I can stop and let her pee and meet other dogs. Sailing is a crazy and relentless affair (I sold the boat and bought the R65 instead). Loba weighs 9kg, so it may be OK. We'll see.
The ride, it's all about the vibe, You want to find the vibe? Slow down and there it is.
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