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Now I would be the first to admit I'm as cynical as the next biker but I've been with my 276C since 2004 and, wonderful though I'm sure the Montana is, I'm not ready to replace it yet so the prospect of a big memory boost was too good to let pass by. Plus, with karmic timing, I got an income tax refund which would amply cover the cost!

Contacted our friend garminych at the end of February via PM and he (I'm presuming he's a he!) said they'd have stocks in after 8th March. Put my order in via Paypal on the 15th and got both PM and email confirmation of dispatch on the 16th, including tracking info albeit in Russian (Google translate is your friend). They reckoned 20 to 35 working days but it arrived yesterday after a mere 10 working days.

So what do you get? Well an A5 padded envelope gives up a this

and as Fasttrack has said, the quality of the soldering looks pretty good.

My original 128MB card from the automotive kit would be the one to give up it's innards in the cause

and a bit of work with a small philips screw and two clips and it was out with the old (on the left) and in with the new.

Incidentally, the new memory chip is a Samsung and the board will only go into the case one way thanks to the small hole on the bottom right for those interested/concerned.

Now onto the 'how much can I fit in' stage.

This, for those of a nervous disposition, is Europe and the bit in red is how much of it I can fit onto a 512MB card which amounts to Great Britain, Belgium and most of France,

this comes to 139 map segments and 511.7MB.

Trouble is, even with my relatively old maps (City Navigator Europe V9) I still can't fit all of Europe in as it comes to 2.16MB so, with apologies to Finland, the Baltic States, Romania, Bugaria and Greece, I got down to this,

551 map segments and 1.97GB.

At this point it was a case of make yourself comfy as it takes time for all the indexing, building and sending but 2 hours 15 mins later success! Obviously I can't check every last bit in detail to see it all arrived safely but here's a little sample from the Swiss Italian border.

I'm not sure what else I can add, I've not bounced it around on the bike yet but other than that it does what it says on the tin and I am a very satisfied customer.
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