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Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
OK, I am lost here. Not a big deal but I am curious.

Saw a plain old typical Honda SUV around Polaris this AM.

Licesnse plate was GLFR367

Certainly personalized.

IIRC isn't that $100 per year + the regular license fees?

I guess I can understand if you are into some fringe thing or drive or participate in something obscure.

His money, but it seems a little strange to me....isn't golf like the most popular thing in the world for the middle class whaite guy?

if you were really into it wouldn't try something more creative like. SWNG BIG, or BALL DRVR?

I am going to check to see if the DMV has OXGN BRTHR available...

I get a kick out 'vanity' (you got it) tags.
If I don't get it in 15 seconds, they've wasted their money as far as I'm concerned.
The one I liked recently was a big, white Escalade, chrome spinner wheels, bling-ding, driver wearing a Mr. T starter kit,
his tag read (and I believed it) STEELNIT.
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