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Originally Posted by anonny View Post
What year is it? I have an old XL250 in the back shed I can take some photos and measurements for the back axle assembly if you want.

Thanks, but I just had a guy make a couple of spacers and the back axle is all sorted.

I think it's 72 or 73. But the cylinder seems to be younger, it has the small fins on the cam chain side which I think makes it post '75??

The front brake is a bit of a hassle. The CB 350 brake I bought from the wreckers seems to be from two different models. When I tighten the axle, the brake plate locks up on the drum. I need to run a little spacer in the middle but that reduces the swept area of the brake shoes, so I might have to do a bit of machining on the back of the brake plate.

I'm waiting for the top triple clamp to arrive then I can really get moving.
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