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Originally Posted by Rectaltronics View Post
I was kinda' taken aback by how many natives I saw riding the bigger bikes. I would have thought it would be mostly expats.

As for the highway restriction, they could (and should) just do like here in the US and set a minimum speed capability. But their concern supposedly is that motorcyclists will go on the highways and kill themselves by the thousands.


This is ridiculous because, as intersections are the most dangerous place for motorcyclists, allowing travel on the expressways would likely save lives.

But have you seen some of the crap that gets on the secondary highways here? Forklifts, tractors, ATVs, even senior citizens on their battery powered wheelchairs. I saw some guys on a 4-lane national highway riding those gas-motor powered skateboards, the big ones with the hand held throttle! Effin' crazy sometimes.
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