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Updated In and Paid List - as of 5/10/12

- please make sure I got everything right (shirt size and shot glass order). If you name is not on the list and you send a paypal or check to the PARTY BOSS send us an email to and we'll try to sort it out.


Candy M
Henry M
SprinterRS XL
MonsterJim XL
Meghan M

Extended Family

Robble L +4 shot-glasses
Redone XL
Cuttle M
Chef Kevin XL

Legacies ( Attended the first RDV RIDE knows as the Deals Gap Run)

EAP XL +4 shot-glasses
FreakinRT L
Steverino XXL

Ride Scouts

KTMmike L (head ride scout and cat herder)
Knybanjo XL (his real name is Kevin) +4 shot-glasses
ADVtenn L (Bring a pry bar)

Special Guests

Job3-14 M,M (A&W been there)


center-stand XL (Howz those ribs)
Sluggo12 XL
guitarhack XXL +1 shot glass
ADVBilly L +4 shot-glasses
Cigars&Scotch XXL +4 shot-glasses
Skyclad XXL (Official ADV Flautist) +4 shot-glasses
_anatic XL
Red Bud XXL +4 shot-glasses
gregsbro XL
PorkButt XL +4 shot-glasses
Hutch451 XL +4 shot-glasses
Boondogle XL
Nanohiccup XL
Number8teen Sm +4 shot-glasses
Gastone Gagne XL +1 shot-glass
6USMC6 XL +4 shot-glasses
Muffymonster M
kwoo XXL +2 shot-glasses
Mark_O XL +1 shot-glass
Piney Mountain Racing XL (first in line at the PARTYBOSStm's shot glass invitational) +1 shot-glass
Pridemore1 XXXL
Katoom119 L
X-Factor L
SidewinderX L
Anticyclone XL +4 shot-glasses
BackwoodsKLR XXL +4 shot-glasses
Sangfroid XXXL (RDV Roadie) +4 shot-glasses
mud_puppy xl
Rabbot L +4 shot-glasses
fancyindigo L
lvmyrvr M
Woody XXL
Graywolf XL
Delnari XL
Kirkster XXL +4 shot-glasses
Wlfman XL
Shoganai XL
Hawk XL +4 shot-glasses
BgDadddy XXL +4 shot-glasses
Land XL +1 shot-glass
Voluhzia L +4 shot-glasses
BDXMPL L +4 shot-glasses
HappyRiding XXL +4 shot-glasses (no seafood)
OldBMWMaster XL
+4 shot-glasses
HeadBitchBarbie L
bk brkr baker XL
+4 shot-glasses (thanks for the donation!)
SMR 238 XXXL +1 shot-glass
MikeBike4 XL
+2 shot-glasses
Al Tuna XXL
+1 shot-glass
Mrs. Al Tuna M
+1 shot-glass
Big Mama L
P.D. Boy XL
+4 shot-glasses
Skilletdawg M
Spot On XL
Taz1200 L
ETrider XL +4 shot-glasses
YotaMan L
Willy-B XL +1 shot-glass
WildTurkey XL +1 shot-glass
Mrs.Turkey guest XL
JonO L +1 shot-glass
AndyW XL +1 shot-glass
pfestus1 XL +1 shot-glass (thanks for the donation!)
257bob XL +1 shot-glass
fluteSONG M +1 shot-glass
mtnflow L +1 shot-glass
checkmatecoco L
Zukieman XL
Syphoon XL
Irish_Son M
strongmendieyoung XXL' +4 shot-glass
BobJinPA L +2 shot-glasses
frejole XL +1 shot-glass
MARKNC XL +1 shot-glass
kennyanc XL
+1 shot-glass
Johnny West XL
+1 shot-glass
Road Ranja L
Krotchity M
+1 shot-glass
Boojum XL +2 shot-glasses
Damnyankee XXL
+1 shot-glass
SquirrelyGrl S
Cledus XL
VFR800Rider XL
+1 shot-glass
bloodline XL +4 shot-glasses
bloodline #2 M
OldWeeRider XXXL +1 shot-glass
Bandy L +1 shot-glass
BandyWife S
Kyle B L
gsweave L +4 shot-glasses
Eeickey XL +1 shot-glass
Wattner XL +1 shot-glass
Manufreak03 XL +1 shot-glass
Fe Man XL
+1 shot-glass
Fe Woman M
+1 shot-glass
B00t L
+1 shot-glass
Fordyce XL
+1 shot-glass
cycle_junkie L
+1 shot-glass
zildjian L
+1 shot-glass
trail_walker XL
+1 shot-glass
Mike D XL
+1 shot-glass
Dranrab Luap L
Sweetfeed S +1 shot-glass
Mr. Maggoo +1 shot-glass
ump688 XL
dirysouthjacket L +1 shot-glass
Ghostryder XL
little red wee XXXL +1 shot-glass
little red wee II XXL +1 shot-glass
foster L+4 shot-glasses
KWayne406 XL +4 shot-glasses
Ben (username?) L
ceebus M
ceebus guest S
jakar L
russell XXL
gavin XL
Ron M
Allyn M
Duddles XL +1 shot-glass
cuddles S
mutanthillbilly L
rmarkr XL +2 shot-glasses
eatalotapeaches M
bsabatino L +4 shot-glasses
Tarheel Wheeler XL
Duranged2001 XL +1 shot-glass
Duranged2001 wife 1 +1 shot-glass
rodsram XL +1 shot-glass
assquatch20 L +1 shot-glass
Breezed XL
motoroberto L +1 shot-glass
Miss Lizzy M +1 shot-glass
Thumper Dog L
xeraux XL +1 shot glass
Knarly Knobbie L
Knarly Knobbie guest XL
Rob578 XL +4 shot glasses
Sandbag XXL +1 shot glass
lgajohnymac XL +2 shot-glasses
CrazyMike L +1 shot-glass
cat12 XL +1 shot-glass
furtledurt XL +1 shot-glass
East Coast Rider M
Bernard L

Cutītle (k?tīt'l)
1.(Zool) A cephalopod of the genus Sepia, having an internal shell, large eyes, and ten arms furnished with denticulated suckers, by means of which it secures its prey. 2. A foul-mouthed fellow

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