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Sounds about like what I was expecting, actually.

I've spent a lot of time riding in SE Asia and it's not unusual to walk out of a place and have a few Khmers or Thais playing with your throttle.

A corner of a big high-rise apartment underground lot will work just fine.


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I wouldn't say that is true about the parking. When looking for a place to live, you have to find a place that has adequate parking. some smaller or older villas don't even have any parking, or at best a carport (sometimes with parking spaces 2-3 cars deep, meaning you get blocked in). The big high-rise apartment complexes have underground parking available with big-ass open garages. Motorcycles usually are parked off to the side or in some unused area where cars won't fit.

When out about town, most pay parking areas won't allow motorcycles to park, even if you pay them. Motorcycles are usually parked on the sidewalk in front of whatever business you are patronizing. Park on the street at your own risk.

If touring, some of the cheaper hotels have either no parking or very limited, but most have at least a small parking area, often a carport style parking area at the base of the building, or outside but maybe with a canvas awning covering the parking spaces. I've stayed in some motels/hotels here that let me park my motorcycle in the lobby. this is especially welcome in the winter.

Parking outside isn't usually an issue. I've never had any big problems with people messing with my bike, although one time I came out of a supermarket and some older gentlemen were admiring it, and one of them was knob-dicking and twisting my throttle. No harm done though. Just keep that some cultures don't have the same attitude about other people's property as you and I do.
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