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Originally Posted by internalcombust View Post
Great vids and thanks for sharing. Two questions. Are you running stock gearing on your tiger, and what tires have you had the best luck with?
I am running a 15T countershaft sprocket and I find it beneficial in the dirt. You definately use the clutch a lot less in the really tight stuff.

I have been running a Dunlop MX71 Front (90/100-21) and a Mitas E-09 Dakar rear (140/80-17) but I am looking to try a D606 front this week as the MX71's are just chewing out too fast. They work brilliantly on the dirt and are quite respectable on the road for a full knobby but I find the knobs are scalloping out really quickly. I figure the 606 is still fairly dirt orientated (I have run them on DR650's in the past) but with a bit of luck it will hold it's profile a bit better. Time will tell I guess?
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