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Funny, your input here is not registered as last postage so I havent seen it?!?

However, new or old user, Im very grateful for the comment, thank you!

I think 250 kms is a good travelday, but Im used from motorcycles to do long rides and also feel that Zoomer is a very comfortable longdistance moped. Longest dayride i 550 kms(heading to Northcape) and it took about 16-17 hours to do it....early mornings

Well, summer is coming fast. I think Ill go for a Vision 50cc this summer and still wonder if somebody has bought(or test) one of the european modell(or swedish) and can tell the speed of it on spedo?
16-17 hours, truly amazing!
It's a good average too, about 33 km per hour when you have a top of 40 km per hour. I have travelled last year on a BMW F650, no highways, just small roads. I did about 50 km per hour average and I didn't stop very much. Mostly I drove between 10 am and 6 pm and did an average of 390 km a day. So you have proven it: you don't need 180kg of BMW F650, a 80kg Honda Zoomer will do just fine.
I'm a lover of small bikes, lightweight. So this year I'm going from the north of Holland to the south of Spain on a Honda PCX 125. Small roads again, total of 7000 km. I thought about taking the Zoomer but it's taking too long (I'm not going to sit on it for 16-17 hours! ;-) and I simply don't have the time. But it feels a bit like cheating! The smaller the bike, the bigger the adventure!
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