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Been reading this thread, saw at the beginning that someone mentioned they have ortlieb soft saddle bags, so do I.
I don't use hard panniers ever (I guess I don't pack that much even on my month long trips through Europe) anyhoo....having a hard time figuring out which rack option is best.

1. I will never use hard cases, only my ortlieb soft bags
2. I need an inexpensive rack to get the exhaust bag away so it won't burn/melt
3. I want a rack that has a bar across the back so that if I do go down, it won't bend in
4. I don't care how pretty it looks, I'm going for cheap but strong

I've looked at Caribou, Happy Trails and Touratech.

Want to stay under $300

Advice with links to the frames only would be ideal thanks...some abbreviations on manufacturers had me spending way too much time on google
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