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I've got an xt225 and it's set up for dirt trails and gravel/paved roads. The only downside I see to it is that it doesn't have a lot of extra power.
Let me explain. It has power, enough power for me to do anything -I the rider- am capable of, and will keep doing for me whatever I ask of it on trails. But it doesn't have that holy-shnikes-batman, I'm-in-trouble acceleration and bursts of power that my dr350se had or my dl650 has.

Otherwise, for me the thing is a lightweight near-indesctructible tank with great seat-height and great flick-ability for my size. (5'9", 34 inseam, about 155 lbs))

I've heard it said that the suspension is lacking (soft?) but the bike was never created to be an advanced or hardcore off-road bike, so that's ok. I haven't noticed any problems with suspension.

Wet Weight, with kenda k760 tires, a 1530 Pelican topcase, skidplate, and reinforced barkbusters, seems to be about 285-295 lbs. (looked at advertised dry weight, added fluid weights, added other weights...)

I rode it at Tar Hollow about a month ago with advfilmer and a few others. Worked great! (although I'm changing the gear ratio from 3.625 down to 3.33 for a little more road ability and a little less low-speed technical trail ability)

And oh, the xt225 is a 6-speed. yaay!


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So I think I've reached maximum frustration with my current stable. The CRF is going to be ridiculously expensive to get a front wheel/tire combo for and she's still HEAVY. For now, it will be the road bike, but I'm betting I sell it before fall.

Any opinions on the XT225? I've only talked to raving fans. I'm looking for the downside to this bike. Obviously I will most likely want something more at some point, but I want something I can ride at Tar Hollow, Wayne, Danville and enjoy myself. The TTR, even if by some miracle I get it titled & road legal, is still just a 125 and I'm only going to want to trailer it places.

I need something I can actually ride somewhere to play. I found a cheap one for $1200 with only 1800 miles on it on CL.

In case you wondered:

Seat Height31.731.931.7

KTM 250 XCF weighs in at just 220. Seat height of over 38". One other RFS has lowered hers 4". I might be able to pull that off eventually.

Or we need to stuff some motor in a TTR frame......

I think I'm going to start a company that sells serious, tiny trail bikes for girls and they won't be f'ing pink. (that's my other bitch for the day, finding MX pants that aren't pink or flowery.....really? really??)

sorry, I'm cranky today. I quit facebook and I've got to rant to somebody.
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