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Oh man that was some "fun" and there were definetly a few spots out there that would have taken a small army to get a R12GS through. That beautiful 950S GOOOO!!! had 600 miles on it before the start of the race. I was about 10 bikes behind him in the bottle neck when he went into the drink. There were 2 rocks in that tight spot by the river that were a problem for the big bikes, the first was about 2 feet tall and dirt bikes had no trouble with their wheels in the rut near it becuase they were narrow enough slide past. It looked like his tank pressed on the rock and put him off-ballance and there was nowhere for his downhill foot. I had to get off the F800 and stradle the rock so I could lean the bike out (over the water, away from the rock) and inch past it. The second rock was big and flat, small bikes could go around on the low side but big bikes could only go over.

I don't remember the rider's name but he was a really great sport. He even stood in the water and helped me pass the F800 through where he went off.

I had a few interesting moments in the race:
1) I was MID pee break when the start cannon fired.
2) Breaking off my footpeg/sidestand at ~mile 20.
3) Bypassing the sidestand switch and finishing the race using the clutch side passenger peg.

I was running a helmet camera for the first half of the race and even caught most of those special moments on video.

I finished a distant third place, Darryl from Cyclops (950S) put in an incredible ride and finished with his handlebars nearly broken free from the bike after a bad tumble. Jeremy (950SE) nearly caught him at the finish when Darryl was limping home.

Here is the section where the bike went in the river (about 20 feet ahead in the traffic jam).

Here is the F800 after the race (note the sidestand and footpeg tied down to the rack).

And here is my 3rd place trophy

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