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fork swap help.

ok so i'm putting a sachs 125 leading link fork set onto a kawasaki ke100.

well here's the issue. it bolts right up minus the upper bearing set up.

in the kawasaki the bearing race *pardon my terms if i get them wrong* sits on top of the bearings and the steering stem

*bearings sit in the neck and are held in place by this piece*

its the exact opposite on the sachs forks

the bearings actually fit onto a threaded piece and are pressed against a flat surface on the steering stem

this piece actually.

see how its domed? the bearings fit inside there.

now what im thinking is if i mill out the race from the first pic then machine down the sides of the bearing cup thing from the second pic so it will tighten into it and apply pressure it would work

basically the sides where it hits the neck so it cant go down any farther would have to be milled off so it can press down on the bearing race from the first pic.

heres the issue.

that would leave a small amount of thread exposed from the steering stem and you cant adjust the triples in relation to the forks to eliminate it because its all welded in

is that thread going to be an issue? would a small almost cosmetic dust cover over the threads be enough to protect it?

thanks again for the help. its just a weird piece and ive never dealt with ANY fork swap before.
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