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Welcome to DR madness! I'm a long time Stonyford/Fouts Springs rider, lots of JackHammer finisher pins. Retired from competition now (B rider). I still ride up there from time to time ... or over at Middlecreek. Love the Foresthill area. Awesome!

What sort of riding do you intend to do with your DR650? Dual Sport, Travel, dirt? All of the above? Post some pics of your bike as you get some mods done.
I've had a few Hondas too: XL600R, XR400 (baja kit) XR250. My race bikes were mostly YZ250 two strokes (enduro-ized). Current dirt bike (old mans bike) is a WR250F and CRF230F.

Thank yeeeew for the welcome. .. and you coming from a 'S'ford area & F'Hill past, it makes me all warm & fuzzy inside. Not a lot of people know about ForestHill. .the pine tree meca of that part of the mountain. I like the knarly twisty stuff offered in a marked trail setting. ( Allowed for a testing/practice blast if by one's lonesome since usually somebody would come by before you had to start knawing on your own arm for food if you grenaded something.).

Like you and no doubt others here, 'Had a lot of bikes'.. Broke a lot of stuff. Fixed a lot. Lost a lot of parts from smacking Terra-Firma. Learned why bark-busters should be about level with flight to actually DO SOMETHING when that friggin lil' branch comes by when WOT and you're not looking at it. (Yeah, had to convince friends that those guards are MUCH more appreciated protecting the fingers rather than that brake lever. . . well, they had to be convinced, since it was their fingers. .. geese, I TOLD them to not angle them so far downward like the levers).

Being a 'duro guy, you'll appreciate my taking a bunch of moto guys to F'Hill's knarliest loops just to see them sucK up their seat covers. Got tired of them making fun of me for not doing a moto-tripple or long doubles. Damn, I get altitude sickness when up that high. My 94' CR250 is/was set for single track. Plush, torqued via pipe & heavy flywheel, Scott's damper, etc. Probably burn in hell for " OK GUYS. . .DON'T LOOK DOWN. . LOOK 30 FEET OVER THERE . .OK ? ? ! THE TRAIL IS A FRIGGIN FREEWAY ! ! 18 INCHES WIDE AT LEAST !!
THAT'S A 100FT DROP-OFF, SO DON'T LOOK DOWN !! !! Yep.. . .hell for sure.

So, a dr650 ?? Well, I did a little test with a friends DR650. Sprung, valved, piped, jettted. Spot-on set-up. Did a loop route at F'Hill with a bunch of bud's. One lap with my CR250 (first .. where I was friggin awesome w/my WFO roosting, high jumping, ditch making, fishtailing, Rodney Smith wannabe) . . . .Then did a lap with the low cruising plush, on-the-ground mostly comfy thumper. Took about thirty minutes. Got back into SugarPine staging, and WTF ? ? "NO WAY IN HELL, bro's" ! The crowd said a minute FASTER on the DR650. ! ! Huh ? Yep. The watch on my dash said so too. Legend in my own mind or not, the timer doesn't lie. I got tired on the CR after twenty minutes. . .the DR was really friendly with that torque hooking up. Geese. I'm such a wuss. In front of a bunch of people too. AND MY FRIEND RODE THERE ON HIS DR. Man, that hurt. He had plates. Sheese.

So, got a DR650 now. When I figure out pics, will post. Did some welding.

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