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Originally Posted by DirtySumo View Post
So, a dr650 ?? Well, I did a little test with a friends DR650. Sprung, valved, piped, jettted. Spot-on set-up. Did a loop route at F'Hill with a bunch of bud's. One lap with my CR250 (first .. where I was friggin awesome w/my WFO roosting, high jumping, ditch making, fishtailing, Rodney Smith wannabe) . . . .Then did a lap with the low cruising plush, on-the-ground mostly comfy thumper. Took about thirty minutes. Got back into SugarPine staging, and WTF ? ? "NO WAY IN HELL, bro's" ! The crowd said a minute FASTER on the DR650. ! ! Huh ? Yep. The watch on my dash said so to. Legend in my own mind or not, the timer doesn't lie. I got tired on the CR after twenty minutes. . .the DR was really friendly with that torque hooking up. Geese. I'm such a wuss. In front of a bunch of people to. AND MY FRIEND RODE THERE ON HIS DR. Man, that hurt. He had plates. Sheese.

So, got a DR650 now. When I figure out pics, will post. Did some welding.
Funny, I'm kinda thinking the DR has become my go-to bike and the Husky TE450 only comes out when I'm positively going gonzo. I can ride the DR faster on everything other than technical singletrack just because it is so forgiving.
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